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Question   comment
Excellent website,really liked the images of horses.

- Gene Backmon December 20, 2013

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Question   Photographer of the Month
Your images on Darwin Wiggett's site are stunning. Nicely done.

- Stu Dale November 18, 2011

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Question   photogrpahs
Magnificant works.

- Sid Salehpour October 19, 2011

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Question   Great Work
Great to have met you at Art Walk 2011, Kelly.
Enjoyed viewing your images in your galleries.
Keep in Touch.
Joy Caravello

- Joy Caravello September 14, 2011

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Question   pics
Kelly, awesome pics. I knew you were a photographer, but didn't know you were sooo good. Greetings to both you and Brad. Came across your website while lurking around Malcolm's facebook :-)

- Marion Martin September 19, 2010

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Question   Variety
I thought I'd drop in and check on your new work. You have become quite the versatile photographer, young lady!
The "Veggie Counter" photo made me laugh...as I remember the story that went with it..."Dont you have anything better to do"!
Looking forward to shooting with you again soon. Keep up the good....no, make that... GREAT work!

-  January 02, 2010

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Question   Trilogy Photography club
Looking forward to meeting you at the December meeting. Received your dues. Thank you.

PS Your photos are gorgeous!

- Maryann Rapp November 14, 2009

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Question   Can I have your autograph??
Your pictures are so amazing. How am I supposed to pick some out for my office??? Need help, I am pre-disposed to BW images!!!

- mia Sheldon August 10, 2009

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Question   Love it
Great Job !! Can't wait to work with you again. (Ya-Ting, SPCA)

- Y C May 16, 2009

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Question   Amazing!!
Kelly I love your work!!!!! It is incredible... I would love to arrange to pay for some pictures, so I can frame them as they are extroadinary..

- Tami MacKinnon March 12, 2009

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Question   Beautiful Stuff
Wow, great website. These photos are absolutely fantastic. these are as good as the best.


- Brad Sasha July 09, 2008

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Question   Photo
Kelly, these photos are amazing! I love the black and whites. Very, very impressive.

- Chris Flett April 13, 2008

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Question   Lookin' Good!
Congratulations on having your website up and running. A great collection of quality images. You are able to capture the beauty in not only the obvious, but also in the obscure...from 'Gorgeous Sunsets' to 'Rusty Bolts'.
Well done. See you out 'In the Field'!

-  March 18, 2008

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